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Best Desserts in Utah (chocolate cake, mousse, creme brulee, etc)

Best Desserts in Utah
- revised 12 June 2013

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Best chocolate cake in Utah (this cake test was Utah Valley only)

Best decadent, flourless cake:

1. Chef's Table A-

(Sundance was number one, but pastry chef Jessica left in mid 2013)

Best traditional flour cake:

1. Dave and Cranky Chuckie's, Provo: marble cake A
2. ditto - lava cake A
3. The Chocolate, Orem - chocolate cake with dark choc ganache frosting A-
4. The Chocolate, Orem - milk chocolate frosting A-
5. Gloria's Little Italy. They offer 4 chocolate cakes (we tested them all) of their many cake varieties; their best is "Duomo Cioccolato: A- and "Turtle," also an A-

Honorable mentions (B's):
6. Harvest, Thanksgiving Point

7. Spark, Provo
8. Iggy's tower cake
9. LaJolla Groves, Provo bundt cake

Best chocolate cheesecake
1. Godiva chocolate cheesecake, Cheesecake Factory
Note: We tested most of their 30+ cheesecakes and all their chocolate ones. This is the best one. Second best it:
2. Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake, Cheesecake Factory 

Best Chocolate Mousse in Utah

1. Black Sheep, Provo - chocolate A+
2. Tiburon, Sandy - chocolate almond B+
3. LaJolla Groves, Provo - triple chocolate B-

4. Enliten, Provo - chocolate C+ (but their fruit tarts rate an A. Great cream filling) (They have strawberry and mango mousse as well, both rating Cs.)

Historical note: Spark, Provo is out of business June 2013. These were our notes on their mousse: Amano chocolate B+ (this does not reflect on the Amano co. - a great, gourmet chocolate manufacturer in Utah County and sold in the finest restaurants and delis in the world. They do have various types of chocolate, and another type would work better for mousse, in our opinion.)

Best Panna Cotta in Utah (this test was Utah Valley only)
(From northern Italy, this dish (when rarely made right, such as the Top 2 places below do) is made from cream, milk and sugar, with some amount of gelatin. (El cheapo versions, which most are, go heavy on the gelatin and light or non-existent on the cream, using milk probably.)
1. Spark, Provo: A
2. Pizzaria 712, Orem (tangy but yummy, with an amazing thin, real fruit sauce). This one is the editor's personal favorite, but #2 for the group): A
3. Enliten, Provo: C-

Best Creme Brulee in Utah 
1. Sundance, Provo Canyon: vanilla: A-
2. Chef's Table, Orem: cinemmon: B+
3. Sweet and Savory, Orem: vanilla: B+
4. Harvest Restaurant, Lehi (Point of the Mountain): vanilla: B
5. LaJolla Groves, Provo: tangerene:  B-

* Best item in the Creme Brule family we found is actually the Creme Brule Cheesecake at Spark Restaurant, Provo. A

Other Best DESSERTS in Utah

1. chocolate chip giant cookie with ice cream: A: Dave and Cranky Chuckie's, Provo

2. carrot cake - Black Sheep, Provo A+

3. carrot cake - Archibald's, South Jordan A-

4. dessert crepe with strawberries, ice cream, chocolate sauce drizzle - Sweet and Savory, Orem: A

5. Bananas foster, Sweet and Savory, Orem - A

6. Sweet Potato cheesecake - Sundance: A-

7. lime-filled cupcaeks: B++ at Sean's Smokehouse, Saratoga Springs (heavy, European style cake with decent lime filling)

8. chocolate raspberry cake - Siegfried's Deli, Salt Lake City

9. black forest cake - Siegfried's Deli, Salt Lake City

10. German chocolate cake - Siegfried's Deli, Salt Lake City

11. praline pecan cookie - Kaiser's BBQ, Salt Lake City

12. 7 of Gloria's Little Italy Cakes are good (of their 11 that we tried). (note that #1 and #7 below are in the chocolate cake category above): 1) Turtle [a chocolate cake], 2) Strawberry white cake with Italian cream and chocolate covered strawberries on top, 3) Lemon-raspberry white cake 4) Fragosa chocolate cake with raspberry filling and Italian cream 5) Duromo Cioccolato (moist, but needs stronger chocolate flavor), 6) tarfuto only if warmed! 7) tiramisu

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